Our innovative 12-Week Program offers educators a chance to feel whole, nourished, and cared for through mindfulness, meditation and connection.

  • Purpose:

    The first purpose of our program is to take care of our educators through meditation, yoga, and joy. Our second purpose is to give them skills in finding their own power, which will allow long term learning and success around mindfulness and self-care practices.

  • Each Session Includes:

    An opening meditation; Coaching Sessions; Yoga/journaling or embodied practice and group sharing


​Our customizable curriculum is developed in partnership with your School District to meet the direct needs of your educators. Here are a few of our proposed modules:

    1. Welcome!

    2. Tell Us a bit about You.

    1. Let's Begin - Overview Of Pre-Work

    2. Stress Assessment

    3. Mindfulness Assessment

    4. Agreements

    5. Living at our most Authentic - Staying In your Lane

    6. Wheel of Life

    7. Stress and the Brain - Video

    1. A Guide to Viewing Thinkific Moodules

    2. 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness Practice

    3. Benefits of Meditation

    4. Quick Techniques for Mindfulness

    5. Posture

    6. Common Beginner Techniques

    7. Future Envisioning Meditation

    8. Integrity Exercise

    1. Staying in My Lane - Areas of Life

    2. The Wheel of Life

    1. Meditation 101 - What is it?

    2. Working with the Wheel of Life

    1. Review: Meditation 101 - What is it?

    2. Review: Working with the Wheel of Life

    3. Values, Beliefs and Goals

    4. List of Values - Please Print

    5. Values Excercise - Please Print

    6. Week 2: Session Recording

About this course

  • 58 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

“Learning to meditate has proven to be some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent. Meditation has offered and expanded transformational elements in my life: my relationships, the way I live, how I see the world. It aids in my ability to de-stress, remain calm, prioritize, and focus. Katie is amazing, compassionate, and supportive in offering her gift to guide you through each meditation with her in person or virtually.”

~ Shannon Harris

“​​Be Meditation’s Tuesday-Thursday meditation session has replaced my morning commute with serenity. The sessions are thoughtfully prepared and facilitated. There is enough structure for beginners while encouraging others further along the mindfulness path to follow their intuition. I leave each meditation feeling grounded, focused, with all of my creative energies ready to be accessed.”

~ Lenora Edwards

“Thank you, you are AMAZING! I just finished telling others that had difficulties that kept them from joining how wonderful this experience was. I am relaxed and truly grateful for this experience… May your gifts continue to make room for you! I am looking forward to more experiences. I am grateful to have been connected to such a great safe space of equally wonderful people.”

~ Mrs. Chantelle Echols – Parent Liaison and Day Care Proprietor

“Meditations with Katie have been a lifesaver in this time of uncertainty. The community is uplifting, and Katie’s guidance puts me in the right mindset for the rest of my day and week. I love connecting with others via the Zoom option!”

~ Corrine Immel

“As an occasional reader of Buddhist literature, for years I’ve been wanting to have a daily meditation practice. Seifu’s “Be Zen” class has been the perfect catalyst for me. His kindness, knowledge, and eagerness to share Zen meditation and Buddhism has been infectious. I now have an (almost) daily meditation practice that provides me with calmness and mindfulness, helping me navigate these trying times.”

~ Dan Whitaker

“Katie’s morning meditations provide me a centering anchor twice a week. The opportunity to join others and sit in peace during these unusual days is soul saving. The world is carrying a troubling load, while the meditations allow an opening to unburden. I am truly grateful for Katie and the Be meditations.”

~ Stephanie Gethman